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The Montgomery County Cultural Foundation

Presents a Dinner and Murder Mystery to Die For!

Marriage, Murder,
& Mayhem at Mardi Gras!

Written by Amber DuBois

Audience Participation - The night will include a catered meal and cocktails; minimum age per ticketed guest is 18 - non alcoholic beverages available for persons under 21 (ID required for entry). Dinner will be served at the Tannenbaum Cultural Center following a procession and very short walk from the Rotary Jail Museum… You are encouraged to wear Mardi Gras or dressy wedding reception style outfits!

Saturday, February 6th at 7 o’clock

Doors will open promptly at 7 o'clock to the front entrance of the Rotary Jail Museum (225 N. Washington Street)

Tickets - $35 per person or $60 per couple $100 per group of 4

ADVANCED TICKET PURCHASE IS REQUIRED. Tickets will not be sold at the door, spaces are limited!

For online ticket purchases like us on Facebook and visit our "Events" page or visit www.rotaryjailmuseum.org or follow the ticket link below.


To Purchase Tickets at the Rotary Jail Museum - Please Call in Advance 303.521.1168 or 765.362.5222

For more information, temporary ticket holds and purchase arrangements you can also email contactus@rotaryjailmuseum.org

Upcoming Art Workshops!

You can register online for the workshops at Eventbrite by clicking the link below the workshop date. 


Workshops are held in the Tannenbaum Cultural Center at 107 W. Spring St. Crawfordsville.
Occasionally, they are held in the Elizabeth Sharpless Library in the basement of the Rotary Jail Museum, but that location would be noted after the workshop.

When the price says "and up" it means that you can complete an entire project for the base cost -- that includes all supplies and firing. For instance, for $15 at a fused glass workshop, you can create a pendant and earrings or a small suncatcher or glass dish or similar item. But some people may choose to make a larger project, or use premium supplies, and that can increase the cost. You do not have to upgrade your projects, and you can finish a great item at the base cost. But we want to let you know that upgrades are available the night of the workshop if you choose them. 

Saturday, January 9th, 10:30 a.m. @ the Tannenbaum Cultural Center - 107 W. Spring Street, Crawfordsville, IN 47933 - This Winter Wonderland Needs a Customized Hot Coffee Cup! Ceramic Painting Workshop 

Want to try some bubble glaze painting? Paint a Winter theme - or any theme! - on your ceramic items. Be crafty, be creative! Choose what your want to paint from our selection in stock. Larger items are available for an upgrade. Enjoy a cool pottery painting art class and escape to a creative space! Purchase price includes your item to paint, use of the glazes and the final firing in our kiln. Avoid online purchase fees by paying at the door! Items can be picked up at the Rotary Jail Museum next to the Tannenbaum Cultural Center, during scheduled appointments. Bring your paper ticket or pay at the door - tickets purchased online will be charged an additional processing fee, pay at the door to avoid! Materials used at our Ceramic Painting workshops are non-toxic, so feel free to bring a drink, snack or lunch!


Come have fun with us!


General Information about ART CLASSES/WORKSHOPS

Unless noted otherwise, fused glass workshops are conducted by our main art instructor, Jennifer Snook. Ceramic painting workshops are held by Jennifer Snook or by Brittney Combs. Workshops typically last 1 1/2 to two hours, but it depends on your project. Some people finish more quickly.

If items need to be fired, they will be available for pick-up approximately one to two weeks after the workshop, after they have been fired in the TCC kilns. The cost of the workshop includes firing and supplies. After firing, items are held for pickup in the Rotary Jail Museum gift shop. (During the winter, when the museum is closed, you will make arrangements with the instructor to pick up the items from her directly.) Stop by the gift shop during museum open hours to get your item. 
Workshops are designed for adults/teens/older children. Younger children can attend if accompanied by an adult. 

If you are bringing a child with you, and you and the child are creating one piece together, you only need to pay for one registration. If you are each creating a piece, you need to register both of you. We do not recommend bringing very young children to fused glass workshops, as the glass is sharp. 

Register for art workshops on www.Eventbrite.com. If you do not wish to pay online, you can come to the museum during open hours and pay in person, prior to the workshop. Then a space will be reserved for you! Some workshops have a limited number of items available, so please register in advance! Thanks!

Workshops are held in the Tannenbaum Cultural Center at 107 W. Spring St. in Crawfordsville, located behind the Rotary Jail Museum. The TCC is wheelchair accessible and has a wheelchair accessible rest room. 

For many workshops, we also have larger items than can be completed for an additional fee, or premium supplies that require a small extra charge (such as dichroic glass at the fused glass workshops). For example, at our ceramic and fused glass workshops where you choose your own item, the workshop prices are often based on a small item. If you choose to make a medium or large item, there would be an additional fee. (For instance, a nightlight is considered a medium-size item, so if you sign up for a fused glass workshop to make a small item, there would be an additional $3 fee if you want to make a nightlight cover -- which also includes the nightlight base.) If you choose to make a larger project at a workshop, or use an item like dichroic glass, you can just pay the upcharge at the time of the workshop. Unless otherwise noted, all supplies are included in the cost.

You can bring a beverage with you if you like. 

Information about ART PARTIES/Art Birthday Parties

Did you know that you can have a party making ceramics or fused glass at the Tannenbaum Cultural Center? 

We host parties for kids ages 5 and up AND ADULTS!

We provide the space, an art project and an art instructor. You can choose ceramic painting or fused glass projects. The price includes the items being fired in a kiln after the party.

You provide the refreshments, and any decorations or favors that you want.  The party is held in the Tannenbaum Cultural Center, and includes two hours of rental time for the party, a half hour for setting up beforehand and a half hour for cleanup (for a total of three hours).

Items that guests make are usually ready for pickup by the party host a week after the event.

Cost: for ceramic painting, parties start at $12.50 per person with $100 minimum. If you have more than 10 guests, each additional guest is just $11.

For painting, parties start at $15.00 per person with a $105 minimum. If you have more than 10 guests, each additional guest is just $1.

For fused glass, parties start at $15.00 per person with $105 minimum. If you have more than 10 guests, each additional guest is just $13.

For more information, email brittcombs@rotaryjailmuseum.org, or phone 765.362.5222.

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Summer 2015 Art Camps

Thank you for sending your campers to our 2014 summer camps! You can see photos of the camps on our Facebook page. 

All camps are from 1 - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and will meet in the Tannenbaum Cultural Center. There will be two week-long camps for students entering/already in grades 2 through 5, and a camp for students entering/already in middle and high school.

Members of the Montgomery County Cultural Foundation receive a $5.00 discount off each registration. Also, if more than one child from the same family enrolls in any of the three camps, they each receive a $5.00 discount. (Yes, if someone is in the elementary camp and a sibling is in the middle/high school camp, they still each receive $5 off.) A family membership to the Montgomery County Cultural Foundation is $25 per year and includes unlimited free admission to the museum for the entire year.
DATES: Summer Art Camp Dates Have Been Selected! Registration will begin


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