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The Tannenbaum Cultural Center features a large open room with counter space, several wall outlets, year-round heating and air-conditioning, a handi-accessible ramp and restroom, and a kitchenette with 2 microwaves, a full-size refrigerator/freezer, sink, counter-space for food prep, and service window to main room for easy food transport. 

Catering is a common choice for renters, crock-pots, pre-cooked dishes, delivery, deli style service trays, finger-foods, and light refreshments, are all showcase options for yours guests. No matter the occasion, the Tannenbaum Cultural Center provides an inviting, charming, and convenient space for all your intimate events.


Half Day Rentals - $200 + 3% processing fee

 Full Day Rentals - $400 + 3% processing fee 

Book your event now! If you are looking for a date in May or June, or something close to or falling on a holiday, half day rentals may not be available. If you can't find your date in a half day, change the calendar view to full day to check different availability.


Sunday All Day Rental

Saturday Half Day Rental

Sunday Half Day Rental

Saturday All Day Rental

A Copy of the Grounds/Rental/Use Policies Can be found here 24 hours a day

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